Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chapters 1 & 13

I have always loved math and I feel that it is a very important subject. The two principles that stood out to me were making sure that students learn math with an understanding and that assessment should support their learning and understanding. I liked the paragraph on real-world problems because students always ask, "Why do I need to know this?" As a teacher, you can determine how a concept or skill is used outside of the classroom and create an activity that will require the student to use the concept or skill in exactly the same way. Math involvement, I feel, is very critical and students are not involved enough. There are many activities and helpful ideas the text gives which can be taught in the classroom.


  1. Katie, I like the things that you wrote and I like that you agree with me on the real-world problems. I also agree with you that there were a lot of good activities in Chapter 13. Nice Work!

  2. Good work! I agree with everything you said, especially that math is very critical and that students are not involved enough. This will all be very helpful for the future!